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Del Frisco’s Double Date

Good evening! Today was a pretty good day!  I was successful on week two’s goal from the 52 changes book, but I will write a post on that tomorrow.  I woke up fairly early, straightened up the apartment (which included tackling a bunch of clothes to be hung that was on my “to do” list for weeks), ate a predictable breakfast, and then hit the gym for a very productive workout!

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Breakfast – Fried egg, turkey sausage, reduced fat Sargento Mexican blend, and light English muffin breakfast sandwich with a side of grapes.


All week, my planned workout for today was to tackle 5 miles.  Yesterday, when I looked at the calendar, I realized that today was January 31st!  Where did the month go?  One of my new years resolutions for 2012 was to do yoga twice a month.  I planned on attending a class last week, but it didn’t work out.  Since I had only been to one class earlier this month, I tried to see if I would be able to squeeze one in today.  Luckily, my campus gym was offering power yoga at 1pm.  I hadn’t really tried the yoga classes on my campus yet, so I figured that I’d give it a chance. 

My 5 mile run went well.  I was tired, but that was expected.  The past few months, I’ve been training the same way when it comes to running.  I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but it’s manageable so that it what I can handle right now.  My general plan has been to tackle my miles on the treadmill.  I will run straight for 3 songs at a pace of 5.8 or 5.9 mph then walk for a song at 3.8 mph.  It’s a faster pace than I would run if I were running outdoors (but a very manageable treadmill pace), so I’m hoping that it helps with my speed a bit.  The break on the 4th song also gives me something to look forward to which I really need, mentally.  I also find the song method to be much better than looking at the numbers on the screen.  I can get through a song way easier than watching numbers tick by slowly until I reach a certain distance goal.


I reached 4.5 miles by 50 minutes then cooled down the last half mile.  I finished just a few minutes before yoga was about to start, and I still wasn’t sure if I was going to attend the class.  I tweeted my dilemma (tired from the run…to go or not to go?), and I got a response back to go assuring my that I would feel amazing after.  I took it as a sign and walked into the class. 

The power yoga at my school was packed today!  I wasn’t expecting the room to be filled to capacity.  When I walked in, I grabbed a tiny area and rolled out my matt.  The instructor was good, and I really enjoyed the class.  I could tell it had been awhile, and it wasn’t easy for me.  After the class I did feel pretty good (better than after the run), and I was double happy for the good stretch and not breaking my new years resolution during the first month.

I had a one hour break between the end of yoga and the start of class so I booked it home, showered, prettied up, and made it to class.  I had to actually look nice because I was going out to dinner on a double date later at night, and I didn’t have time to go home and get ready before we left.  You know you usually look bad when the “Starbucks guy” (who I didn’t even know knew me) says, “Oh my god.  I almost didn’t recognize you all dressed up.”  To which the only logical reply was, “Thanks…I showered…I’ll take a venti skinny vanilla latte and cup of ice water please.”  It was almost as nice as the compliment I once got that I had “thunder thighs” and that it was “a good thing to have some meat on my bones.”  I guess it’s my fault for usually wearing a headband, gym clothes, and no makeup to campus daily.  After all, I am a smelly cat most days.


I did some Starbucks studying before meeting up with Joe and two of our friends for a double date at Del Frisco’s steak house in Center City.  Del Frisco’s is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to.  It’s in a huge refinished bank that is trendy, elegant, and has the best food.  The only hitch is it costs a pretty penny to dine here.  That is why the only time I ever get to go is during restaurant week!  In Philly during restaurant week at participating restaurants, $35 buys you at least three entrees.  For some restaurants this is about what it would run you anyways, but for other restaurants, it’s a steal!  I’m pretty sure that at Del Frisco’s I normally couldn’t even get a steak (no sides, drinks or apps) for $35.


Baby Greens Salad
with candied pecans, Granny Smith apples and Dijon cider vinaigrette


8 oz. Filet Mignon
with marchand de vin and château potatoes


Chocolate Mousse


Sorry for the instagram shots.  I forgot to bring my camera with me to campus and didn’t have time to go back for it.  This meal was so delicious; I cannot even describe how much I enjoyed it.  If you live in the area, I highly recommend you come here (preferably next restaurant week to get the good deal!)  The night was really fun as well as tasty and our friends Adam and Sarah exchanged favorite restaurants with us and we got some great recommendations.  Can’t wait to try some new restaurants with them!


Wednesdays are my busy day, and tomorrow is no exception.  At least it’s the hump day right?

For Your Entertainment:

Funniest thing I’ve read all week : Hot yoga inner monologue

Furniture Lovin’

Today it just seemed like there wasn’t enough time!  Despite getting up at 7:30am (an un-godly hour for me), the day seemed to not have enough hours in it and before I knew it, the day was over.  First on the agenda was spinning.  I felt like my legs were going in slow motion today…I’m not really sure why.  Still, a slow spin is infinitely better than no spin so I took it. 

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After spinning, I drove to Delaware to go furniture shopping with my mom!  I’ve been drooling over new furniture for MONTHS.  We got an email from Ashley Furniture last week about a super sale that was going on and ending later this week.  I took the opportunity to go, finalize everything, and lock in the price. 

My picks:

Path Includeddiningliving room


I am now more excited than ever to move!  May cannot come soon enough for so many reasons!  Moving downtown…the end of classes…summer weather…more time down the shore…fun vacations…etc.!  All I have to do is truck through these next 13 weeks of classes and finish up my academic career strong.  Easier said than done, my friends.

After coming home, eating lunch, taking an online quiz (that I got 100 on..booya!), it was already time to rush off to the library to print my notes then scoot over to class!  Two back to back classes totaling four hours were enjoyed then it was time to scurry home and cook some dinner.  The day was basically over, and at the end of a long day, all I want to do is relax.  I need to carve out some time everyday this week before 5pm to hit the gym and library hard so that I’m able to get everything done that I need to early in the day.  That is definitely the key…the more things get put off for the end of the day, the higher the probability that they will be put off until the next day (and so on, and so fourth).  It can definitely be an endless cycle.

For dinner tonight I whipped up some Italian.  I used the end of some low-carb macaroni elbows and wheat rotini pastas to kick the boxes and make a little room in the cabinets.  For the sauce I cut up and sautéed an onion and made a sauce with marinara sauce as well as some Philadelphia cooking cream.  Chicken topped with spinach and part-skim mozzarella was the perfect pair and this dinner definitely hit the spot after a long day. 


52 Changes Week 1 Summary:

Week 1 of the 52 changes book was fairly successful.  On about half of the days I was able to reach my target water intakes.  The other half, even though I fell a bit short, I was still able to drink more than normally.  The tools that I used are to bring water bottles or tumblers with me (the straws in tumblers definitely help drinking more), a water reminder app on my iPhone that periodically sends me push messages saying “Hey!  Don’t forget to drink some water!”, and to try and limit my soda intake to 1 per day or less (thus once I’ve had my soda…if I’m thirsty, it’s water or nothing…).

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about week 2!  It will definitely be an enjoyable challenge this week!

Winter Shore Weekend

This weekend was a fun-filled time down the shore in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  The weather was gorgeous the whole weekend, and I had a great time enjoying the shore town in the off season. 

Joe and I grabbed breakfast at Doc Mike’s pancake house which is a breakfast place close to my shore house that is open year round on the weekends.

Breakfast – Cheesy western omelet with ham, tomatoes, onions, wheat toast, and hash browns


After breakfast, we had a low-key day.  I did a little studying, watched some episodes of The Wire, did our laundry, and baked some treats to bring to my friends house for dinner.  I kept it nice and simple, cookies and brownies.


My friend Jackie and her fiancée just recently bought a new home which I hadn’t seen yet.  It was really cute and beautifully decorated!  I will definitely be hitting her up for tips when I decorate my own house some day.  We all hung out, ate good food, drank some nice (homemade) wine, played charades, and ate some delicious fondue for dessert.


We made the fondue with chocolate chips and about a cup heavy cream.  It was perfect, creamy, and delicious.  My favorite was to dip the brownie and pound cake into the chocolate.  I couldn’t stand near the treats for too long because I was going to eat everything in sight if I didn’t move away. 

The night was great, and today was fun as well.  Joe and I grabbed some breakfast then went onto the promenade and walked the length in full which is 3 miles.  It was a really sunny day, and once we were bundled up, we couldn’t even notice the cold. 


All in all the perfect winter weekend down the shore.  Joe and I have made it a little tradition to spend a weekend down the shore each winter season.  Usually, we plan the weekend close to Valentine’s Day, but this year’s was a little earlier due to our schedules.  It’s a tradition that I love because the shore is so empty and peaceful in the off season.  The added bonus is that my friend Jackie now lives her year round so I’m sure I will be coming down more often to visit her as well!

Back to reality, Philly, and school work this afternoon.  I’m already ready for spring break….